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Fuck Machine

Fuck Machine
Fuck Machine Cocky Boys
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You can't be a real CockyBoy unless you can take as good as you give - you've got to be a Fuck Machine! To pop Scottie's bottom cherry he was paired him up with that big slab of Italian meat Hugo Milano. Almost immediately Scottie makes his way down to Hugo's thick cock. After Hugo is nice and hard he starts eating Scottie's ass, getting it wet and ready as he fingers it. Scottie climbs on top of Hugo's hard cock and bounces up and down, struggling to take all that dick. Next Hugo bends Scottie over so he can fuck him from behind. Finally Hugo moans "I'm gonna cum," pulls out, and shoots his load all over Scottie's ass. Scottie stands up and jerks out his own load. Scottie may not be able to walk for the next couple of days but at least now he can say he's a true CockyBoy. Nelson Troy is partnered with extremely talented bottom Orlando Dawson and they start making out until Orlando quickly goes for Nelson's dick. He yanks Nelson's jeans down and starts blowing Nelson as Nelson shoves Orlando's head down further onto his cock. Nelson licks Orlando's hole to get it wet and ready and then starts slamming his cock into him doggie style. Then Orlando lays down on his back so Nelson can pile drive fuck him. Orlando, unable to take any more deep dicking, shoots a thick load right into his own mouth, coating his entire tongue in cum. Nelson shoots next, covering Orlando in his own sticky load. Mega-studs Austin and Skyler start with an intense game of tonsil hockey before Skyler pounces on Austin. Austin is paralyzed with pleasure as Skyler bobs up and down on Austin's meat, pumping and sucking for all he's worth. Skyler bends over to let Austin stick that whole fucker balls deep into his greedy little hole and he mercilessly pounds Skyler's ass like a street thug brute. Now it's AJs turn to tear into Aden. Aden gobbles up AJ's dick. Then it's AJ's turn as he gets on his knees and lets Aden fuck his face. But in the end it's Aden who gets it in the end as he bends over and gives it up to AJ, who pounds him from behind for a while before flipping Aden onto his back so he can slam him missionary style. Hugo Fuckin' Milano is paired up for this scene with hot inked stud Travis. The two kick things off making out furiously with their shirts off. It's not long before Hugo rips Travis's pants down and starts licking him all over until he makes his way to his cock and starts blowing him. Then Travis gets on his knees and services Hugo's fat cock. Hugo really gets into it and pushes Travis's head all the way down onto his dick until he chokes him with it. Then it's time for the real action to start as Hugo lays down on the ground so Travis can lower himself onto his hard cock and ride him. After Travis gets loosened he bends over so Hugo can slam fuck him from behind. Travis's ass totally spent, the two stop fucking so they can jerk out their loads. Travis shoots first followed by Hugo who shoots a massive load all over Travis. Way to break him in Hugo! Cast: Hugo Milano, A.J. Irons, Aden Stone, Austin Wilde, Nelson Troy, Orlando Dawson, Scottie Brooks, Skyler Caine, Travis