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Frisbee 1

Frisbee 1
Frisbee 1 AYOR
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It's the end of the summer. The campers are all gone, the beaches almost deserted. A group of five horny backpackers are roaming around the Czech countryside, looking for sex and adventure along the way. First off is Benjamin who finds himself the cutest farm boy (Todd) since James Dean, and the most willing too. Then it's lusty Björn who happens on a pair of mountain bikers (Jack and Thierry) kissing by a mountain brook: they take him home for a versatile three-way. Benjamin's game of Frisbee by the lake with Matt, a lonely tourist, turns into a bout on a trampoline where bare muscles get sweaty in the sun. Mark and Jean, still carrying their backpacks, get frisky as they tumble and grab each other on a grassy slope. And Bryan, alone with his Frisbee, in his red Speedos, finds a stunning Thierry in the dressing room. Björn has two more encounters, running up the hill with an ever smiling Matt and horsing around a Jacuzzi with muscle boy Jason. Two boys meeting in the open: that's all it takes for lust to explode under the sun. Like a game of Frisbee by the lake, you never know how it's going to turn out. Frisbee is seven hardcore scenes from ten carefree sex gods, who could want for anything more? Cast: Benjamin Bloom, Bjorn Gedda, Bryan McCain, Jack Robbins, Jason Knightley, Jean Morocco, Mark Zebro, Matt Woody, Thierry Aulin, Todd Rosset