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Follow Me

Follow Me
Follow Me AYOR
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Ariel Vanean is in a hurry in Follow Me. It's his boyfriend Joshua Black's birthday and Ariel is out buying a few presents for him. He rushes back home, but arrives to a huge disappointment. Joshua has already started celebrating without him by having sex with Samuel Hoffman, a stranger! Devastated, Ariel packs a bag and leaves. Hitching a lift, he decides to clear his head by going camping. Whilst trekking through the woodlands, he finds various pebble signs directing him towards a waterfall, where he encounters four lads naked, but by the time he reaches the water's edge they are gone. Carrying on, he soon meets a couple of sweet lads who also get off on having sex outdoors - whether in a cold mountain stream or with a threeway in the campsite shower. These young lads are fit and toned and Ariel soon forgets Joshua as he delights in sensual kissing, tender caresses, deep-throated blowjobs with his new found pals and, ever the willing bottom, Ariel pulls apart his sculptured butt cheeks to allow for a ball-deep and hard fucking! Follow Me is a terrific summer story from Robert Boggs! Cast: Jerry Haris, Ryan Quaid, Thierry Aulin, Thomas Adamec, Adam Zarsky, Ariel Vanean, Nick Deniels, Joshua Black, Paul Brise, Samuel Hoffman