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Euro Sex Party

Euro Sex Party
Euro Sex Party Falcon International Collection
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Let's get this party started! Euro Sex Party is 160 minutes packed full with the sexual exploits of nine insatiable and steadfast studs. Claudio Antonelli is jogging when he meets a fellow running enthusiast. Anthony Brooks lives in the neighbourhood and invites him to stop by. Claudio jogs to his new buddy's house but the gate is locked. Reluctantly, he decides to wait across the road. He soon spies a parade of attractive hunks filing inside. His curiosity is aroused as he wonders what could possibly be going on behind those closed gates. Luckily Claudio becomes a welcomed participant in this sexual free-for-all celebrating all things male and beautiful. The party starts as Tony Magera, Rod Stevans and Anthony Brooks gather by the indoor pool. They cut to the quick and ravenously suck on each other's engorged cocks. Rod bends over and lets Tony and Anthony saddle up to take turns ravishing his ass. Then, Tony surrenders his arsehole and gets the plundering of a lifetime. Rod and Anthony are merciless and unrelenting, making Tony moan with each fierce and deliberate thrust. Then, one by one, they stroke themselves off. Enrico Bellagio, Peter Shadow and Igor Caricote retire to a backroom and begin cavorting on the bed. There are cocks to devour, arseholes to lick and saver - a virtual feeding frenzy as each man instinctively satisfies their cock lust and goes for the kill. Maurizio Mangiati and Steve Hunt keep the festivities going as they let their passions run amok. Their kisses are long and passionate as they finger and grapple with one another, stroking each other's engorged rods firmly. Steve quickly falls to his knees and downs Maurizio's thick cock, hungrily licking the entire shaft and nibbling on the meaty foreskin. Their fervour escalates as Maurizio gives Steve's arse a quick-fire, non-stop pounding culminating in a rigorous jerk off session. Euro Sex Party is one soiree that you won't want to miss. Cast: Claudio Antonelli, Steve Hunt, Tony Magera, Peter Shadow, Enrico Bellagio, Maurizio Magiati, Rod Stevans, Anthony Brooks, Igo Caricote