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Escaping The City

Escaping The City
Escaping The City AYOR
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It's summer and a group of guys decide that Escaping The City and getting away from the scalding hot city and get out to the countryside it a fab idea. Jeff and Todd are already thinking probably too much about a refreshing swim in the cold water and afternoon sex in nature and so they get lost from the other guys. They pitch a tent in an interesting place and forget about their friends for today. Jeff has always been curious about what is hiding in Todd's shorts. Now is his chance to view Todd's dick from close up, to suck it and to let himself get fucked with it. Lukas is 20 years old, and summer is his favourite season. Lukas and Benjamin are not only handsome, but also friendly and fun guys. They spend the entire weekend swimming in the lake and discovering new places and in the evenings they drink beer in beach bars and enjoyed sex. On the last day, the weather gets worse and already in the bathroom, all three of them are showering together and touching each other, and they spend the entire rest of the day sucking and fucking each other in various positions! Sometimes it's a good idea to escape the city! Cast: Danton Gary, Andre Aston, Jay Ozzy, Jakub Jelinek, Lukas Prubyl, Timothy Grant, Jeffry Foster, Todd Mauro, Benjamin Dunn