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Down To Earth

Down To Earth
Down To Earth GAI Studios
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When Charlie leaves the country on an expedition to the South Pole, he leaves a video message for each of his close friends in case he should not return. In the message, Charlie tells each of his friends that his two million dollar fortune is up for grabs, and each will have to win the race to find it. Brian (Billy Brandt), Charlie's housesitter, is the first to receive a video. But as greedy as he is for the money, will Charlie's gardener be able to sabotage him? Charlie's masseur Daniel also receives a video, and will have to dig deep to find the key to the treasure. Charlie's personal trainer, Brock, will have to climb mountains to find the key, but he may have found more than he bargained for once he can't reach the top. The accountant, Art, gets Charlie's fourth video, but will he be able to overcome the temptation of a hotel room orgy in order to find his key? Vic gets the last video, but will his love for Charlie be able to bring him the treasure, or will he get distracted by a hot model cruising in a sports car? Only one can find the treasure, but who will it be? And what the boys don't know is that there may be an even bigger treasure at the end of the rainbow. Down To Earth has a spectacular cast of 20 in a cracking dvd! Cast: Billy Brandt, Dane Brando, Kurt Summers, Brad Hanson, Rico Suave, Art Trevis, Ryan Foxx, Travis Pinelli, Scott Curry, Damon West, Bobby Benson, Marc Sterling, Drew Axel, Robert Pine