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Double Shafted

Double Shafted
Double Shafted Blue Lagoon Entertainment
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Double Shafted is not about two orifices being filled at one time. There's no double penetration here, just (male) twins having some fun, in a slightly eccentric plot that has policemen chained to chairs in a prison, accused of terrorist activity by their captors. The action unfolds through security camera flashbacks until the four finally have some fun of their own. Like many entries from Csaba Borbely, this effort is heavy on hot guys and visuals, and a little light on naturalness and depth in sucks and fucks. Still, there are some inspired moments here, the best being any scene with Rochelle's cock. It's simply gorgeous, and some fabulous shots have it furiously bouncing from side to side as he sits down on Ramatti. It's an inspired moment, and his dick gets plenty of deserved oral attention. Also heating up the screen is the gorgeous pairing of Glen Santoro and Austin Rogers, the two with the best chemistry. These toned and hairy hunks get it on in a hallway, a scene that starts with some sexually-charged kissing and touching, and shows off their amazing bodies. Cast: Fabrizio Mangiatti (Daniel Lautrec), Fernando Mangiatti (Jean Lautrec), Allan Parkers, Julien Veneziano, Evan Rochelle, Paolo Ramatti, Kevin Cage, Mario McCabe, Glen Santoro, Austin Rogers, Gianni Nascimento