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Deception 2

Deception 2
Deception 2 Falcon Jocks
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Deception 1 and 2 is a two part Falcon classic from 2002 that plays like a gay porn version of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. As the title points out, not all is as it should be. Deception 2 actually works well as a work in it's own right. Partners Weston and Rockford have wound up on a dodgy farm filled with nympho Jock models after their car was stolen. Weston is naturally suspicious, but his boyfriend is totally enjoying it. Everywhere sadsack Weston looks he sees happy healthy gay men frolicking. Weston tells Rockford they need to go but Rockford dismisses it, saying they'll get to a phone in the morning. Morning arrives with the unfortunate news that their truck is broken and no one's going anywhere. Nino Bacci and Brandon Warner take a break from working on the truck and start having sex in front of Weston, trying to entice him. Weston wants no part of it, but Bacci and Warner don't care, they've already generated a powerful heat they couldn't stop if they wanted to. They take turns sucking each other, until Bacci puts his legs in the air and Warner with his fat cock fucks the daylights out of him. Meanwhile, boss Rod Barry congratulates Rockford for convincing Weston to stay. Rockford states that Weston will do whatever he tells him - yet a crushed Weston witnesses the whole conversation. Rockford's reward is a hot fourway with Hunt, McClaine and Sinclair. The four men go at each other with full-force fucking, sucking and butt-munching. Weston is upset that he's been played. Brosnan shows up to comfort him and the two go at each other with an amazing sexual intensity. Brosnan produces the key to Weston's car and reveals that it was Rockford who had set up this abduction weeks ago. The new lovers drive off the farm, seemingly safe and in love. Director Chi Chi LaRue has paired up some hot performers in hot action that provides something for everyone's viewing pleasure. Cast: Josh Weston, Drew Peters, Nino Bacci, Shane Rockford, Johnny Brosnan, Chad Hunt, Daniel Sinclair, Brian McClaine, Adam Wolfe, Brandon Warner