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Deception 1

Deception 1
Deception 1 Falcon Jocks
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The first part of a 2002 Falcon classic that won a host of awards. Decption begins with Rockford and Weston driving cross-country only to find their car stolen after they stop to answer the call of nature behind a tree. All is not lost as Brandon Warner and Nino Bacci pull up in a pick-up truck and take them to their dodgy looking ranch. Before you can say Branch Davidian nubile muscular young men surround them. Our David Koresh is pipe-smoking Barry who entertains himself with assistants Ditonno and Paris, who know just the right moves to get a raise from their boss. After worshipping his huge prick, they fuck him in a tree, producing yelps of enjoyment. Night falls and Weston sees some dodgy events happening down in the barn. Investigating, he finds six guys having a face-fucking, cock-sucking, ass-screwing free-for-all hayride that's got to be seen to be believed. Already aroused, Weston stumbles further in to things, spying Wolfe taking out frustrations on a ranch hand Price, opening his butt up first with his huge prick, going further with some extreme toyplay that Wolfe is only to happy to assist with. Brosnan repeats his warning to Weston that all is not as it seems, but boyfriend Rockford is already succumbing to the farmer's charmers - leading the the sequel Cast: Josh Harting, Rod Barry, Shane Rockford, Christian Taylor, Jackson Price, Vince Ditonno, Jimmy McGuire, Chad Hunt, Daniel Sinclair, Josh Weston, Brian McClaine, Adam Wolfe, Marco Paris