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Dads N Lads: Council House Extra Dole

Dads N Lads: Council House Extra Dole
Dads N Lads Council House Triga Films
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Tuesday afternoon and doing fuck all - but who gives a shit when you've got a few fit scallies coming round to have a smoke and to chill. Throw in a few older fuckers and suddenly you've got Dads N Lads: Council House Extra Dole - another Triga classic! There's plenty of fucking and sucking going on in this shit-hole that's for sure. When the dodgy meter needs looking at, it's the electrician who gets well and truly fixed - right up his arse! Why is he calling round anyway? These lads are on the social - so fuck off! See Jason take it up his tight young arse and watch Welsh Zac get a mouthful. Who gives a fuck about the landlord? Forget the rent, he shouldn't be sub-letting anyway. He's got a big cock though - so get in there! Dads N Lads: Council House is another chav special from Triga, so if you like horned-up lads just wanting to stick a hard cock up a nice tight arse, then this won't disappoint. Northern lads mainly in this one - Derby, Doncaster, Nottingham, Bury - all down to earth telling it how it is. That's what Triga like- cocky northern twats! Bring it on!