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Czech Tales 1

Czech Tales 1
Czech Tales 1 Falcon International Collection
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Sit back, relax and get ready for Czech Tales 1 from the Falcon International Collection. Join this stunning cast of men as a lust filled story unravels in six sex filled scenes. For Boris and Jerry, nothing can beat being lost in one another. The familiarity of their bodies only magnifies their carnal sensations and they sear themselves into each other's flesh. Denis Reed and Rusty Smith slide into a slick leather scene - featuring rubber, restraint, and rigorous discipline. Meanwhile, back to Boris Sacharov, who, is so fucking horny he can't help but think about plowing Jerry's bubble butt, ramming his stiff hard boner up his partner's asshole again and again and again. Next, its morning and the coffee's peculating but Dario would rather forget the croissants and chow down on Ben's sausage and eggs. After their frenetic carnal breakfast, they race out and in their haste almost run Boris down. Pissed off, Boris eyes them thinking how much fun it would be to just fuck the bejesus out of them. In scene 5, Boris is lost, naked and hopelessly irresistible when Enzo swoops in for the kill. The two big-dicked studs quickly lose themselves in one another's embraces, kisses, cocks, balls, assholes. Finally, Boris and Enzo go to the local bar for a bottle of wine and soon witness an arousing floor show put on by Marcio and Dario. The two horn-dogs carry on unashamedly and are soon joined by barman Domink Trojan who knows how to shake his stick, shoving it high up into the boys' primed asscracks. Don't miss Czech Tales 1, it's one tale you will want to indulge in again and again. Cast: Boris Sacharov, Enzo Bloom, Marcio Gonzales, Dario Dulce, Dominik Trojan, Denis Reed, Rusty Smith, Ben Eastboy, Nicolas Santos, Tibor Cernan