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Cum Eating Scally Boys 1

Cum Eating Scally Boys 1
Cum Eating Scally Boys 1 Rentboy UK Platinum
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The average ejaculate comprises of 200 million sperm cells - which, for these Cum Eating Scally Boys, is a tasty treat indeed! Nine deliciously smooth twink scallies dressed in baseball caps, tracksuit bottoms and football t-shirts eat cum and enjoy backdoor loving. When Paul takes Jake back to his flat the lads suck cock 69 style before Paul slips his dick into Jake's arsehole, thoroughly fucking him until he shoots his spooge into Jake's face. Paul bends over to lick up the tasty load and then finishes with Jake's wad in his face and on his tongue. When Jason and Jamie get back from meeting their mates, no sooner are they through the door than they are kissing each other and rubbing their cocks through trackie bottoms. After a quick wank Jamie fucks Jason's arse then pulls out to release his milky spunk over Jason's stomach, which he laps up. Next, Jason spots his pal Luke Moore and invites him back to his place. Cocks are sucked 69 style before Jason sits astride Luke's boner, lowers himself down, rides it, then offers up his own arse for Luke to fuck doggy style. Luke uses Jason's face as a plate and shoots all over it, then licks a great big dollop up and spits it into Jason's mouth before collecting Jason's load from his belly button to dribble it into his mouth. Jake Smith spies Kris Denver in the woods and the pair show their interest in each other by wanking at their dicks. Once back at the flat the guys suck on each other's cocks and Kris rims Jake's arsehole. The lads fuck, then offload their precious seed which is duly licked up and ingested. Finally, in a fine three-way, Tommy Haine takes a piss through his shorts before joining James Allen and Alex Preston for some butt fucking fun. James gets a hot spit roasting and finishes with two sticky loads on his face and his own load on his stomach and chest. Hungry boys Tommy and Alex lean in to gobble up the frosty treat from James' face! Cast: Paul Shayne, Jake Smith, Jamie Lee, Luke Moore, Kris Denver, James Allen, Alex Preston, Tommy Haine, Jason Roberts