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Cruisin' Grounds

Cruisin' Grounds
Cruisin' Grounds Falcon Mustang
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When you're cruising for fucking-hot man action the possibilities are endless. In Cruisin' Grounds, five different pairs of horny men prowl common ground to snag the right fuck buddy with the right sexual chemistry. With tight Speedos hugging his bubble butt, Eddie Diaz cleans the pool. Unnerved with Chad Hunt spying on him, he confronts the voyeur, and what begins as an angry face-off turns into a chocolate love fest as Chad voraciously eats up the muscled pool man, sucking and fucking him into delirium. Ken Mack and Bo Matthews turn a playful romp in the pool into an energetic suck and fuck workout. In the pool, in the shower, in the cosy confines of their room, these two buddies work up lather. See them have a shower enema, enjoy some intense spanking, spit swapping, cock sucking and ass fucking. Leather man Matt Majors has Dominic Sol trapped in his web and metes out the discipline his slave deserves. The action begins with a dildo rammed up Dominic's tight ass and Matt's meaty cock slammed down his throat and climaxes with Matt pile driving his underling's hole, until both shoot copious loads. Justin Jameson is a prick tease who pisses Aron Ridge off. To teach him some respect, the ebony stud whoops Justin's white ass and gags him with his thick cock. He then rims his hole and sucks his pole, jams a dildo up his ass before finally fucking him hard and fast. Finally, the attraction is mutual and the sexual tension high as Cole Ryder and Jessie Balboa go at it, drowning in each other's flesh. They deliver intense oral action - cock sucking and rimming - with some nimble finger fucking until they jerk themselves off and cum. Cast: Ken Mack, Bo Matthews, Aron Ridge, Chad Hunt, Matt Majors, Jessie Balboa, Justin Jameson, Eddie Diaz, Dominic Sol, Cole Ryder