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Cowboy Jacks

Cowboy Jacks
Cowboy Jacks Falcon Jocks
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If anyone wants to learn how to give a superb blowjob, just watch Kurt Stephano devour Rod Barry's cock in the first scene of Cowboy Jacks. After lots of intense sucking and nibbling, Kurt straddles Rod, then moves to a stand-up doggy position, while Brian Daniels throws verbal urgings to "fuck him harder" from the background. Rod complies and shoots his load, then helps Kurt unload, and Brian strokes his own impressive member to orgasm. The story line, such as it is, revolves around the happenings at a dude ranch. What dudes! A road-weary Brian Daniels collapses on the porch of Uncle Jacks, played by the ultimate sex machine, Kevin Miles. There's some discussion about whether Brian might be the bandit that's been doing hold-ups around town. Uncle Jack accuses him of being the desperado, but Brian runs away with Ethan Marc before the sheriff shows up. It turns out that he's not guilty of anything except hot sex scenes by the end of the dvd. In the second scenes, Kevin Miles gets a good sucking from Mitchell Stevens, who, in return, gets the ass-banging of his dreams! Kevin fucks Mitchell until the scene ends with a milky spray from Kevin onto Mitchell's upturned face. Fucking-A! Hot scene! In scene three, Brian Daniels returns to get blown in the shade by a sensual Ethan Marc. They move into a tent for some 69, and soon Ethan is begging Brian to fuck him harder in the ass! Brian shoots a nice full load on Ethan's back, and Ethan pops a fair amount in return. Just when you thought it couldn't get any hotter, scene four is absolutely volcanic! Kevin Miles sucks cock better than anyone, ever! A deep-throat god! This scene has it all: lots of expert ass-fingering and "spit"-tastic rimming, and blowjobs all around. Carl Erik reams the main man and all-time Falcon favourite, Kevin Miles, first, and then moves on to Tony Zerega. Somewhere in the tango of sweaty muscled bodies, they all cum! Cast: Brian Daniels, Carl Erik, Ethan Marc, Kevin Miles, Kurt Stefano, Mitchel Stevens, Rod Barry, Tony Zerega