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Convictions 1

Convictions 1
Convictions Part 1 Falcon Jocks
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When Falcon Studios lets director Chi Chi LaRue loose on a project, they just stand back and watch, because chances are LaRue is going to come up with a winner. In Convictions Part 1 (Jocks Pac 99), LaRue introduces students Dylan Reece and Brett Michaels. Under the guise of a relationship seminar, the students are conducting unauthorized experiments on subjects (that is, hot hunky men) to see if they can change the subjects' convictions - in other words, get them over their sexual inhibitions. There are five men in the class: Blake Harper, a selfish top-man who refuses to bottom or offer to return any favours during sex (in the dvd's opening scene, Harper and trick Tommy Lord get it on, Harper completely passive as Lord rides his big boner. Scott Davis, monster-cocked Nick Riley and cutie Kevin Pearce perform in another part of the room, watching the twosome, Pearce ultimately getting impaled by both big dicks, squealing wonderfully); Nino Bacci, who has just broken up with boyfriend Colby Taylor after a three year relationship because Bacci was unfaithful - and desires to be unfaithful continually; Joe Serrano, a bookish computer geek who doesn't have time for sex; and couple Lane Fuller and Jeremy Tucker, both dealing with feelings of insecurity that the other doesn't find him attractive. Each of them is given a potion that has amazing results. When Bacci takes the potion, he flashes back to the moment of his infidelity. He meets cutie Corey Summers on the street and invites him back for a heated oral encounter. He assures young Summers that he's single, despite the photo of boyfriend Taylor on a nearby table. In a nice touch, during Bacci's wad-blow, he throws his head back, knocking Taylor's photo to the ground. Pleased with their turnout, fat-dicked Michaels and buddy Reece celebrate with adorable Aussie Reece taking Michaels' dick up his butt. Next up is Serrano, who's actually quite a little hottie under his bespectacled exterior. He's paired with ultra-sexy Jason Branch and becomes, literally, Branch's boy. In the best scene in Part One, Branch orders a willing Serrano to do everything: from eating his Master's ass to sucking his cock to taking dildos (and a fist) up his own ass. There's great connection between the two guys and that makes this edgy scene all the better - each play their Dominant/submissive roles beautifully. Cast: Brett Michaels, Jason Branch, Nino Bacci, Scott Davis, Blake Harper, Tommy Lord, Kevin Pearce, Dylan Reece, Nick Riley, Joe Serrano, Corey Summers