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Contact Falcon Mustang
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Contact is a basic human need. Feel me. Touch me Fuck me. Mustang Studios proudly presents Paul Barressi's Contact, a significant study that touches on the importance real men need to connect. Rick Powers’ taunting of Josh West evolves into a back-alley fight. But the teasing is just a ruse for Rick to get a piece of Josh. After exchanging a few blows, they take their conflict to a new level. They swap spit and suck face before Josh shoves his horse dick up Rick’s ass. Rick moans with pleasure as he gets pummelled, encouraging Josh to go harder. The ass-plowing continues every which way, with Rick on top, laying back with his ankles up around Josh’s neck. Rick mounts Josh and bathes the man’s armpits with his tongue. He wraps his lips around Josh’s salami, deepthroating it whiole. He can’t get enough and licks his sweaty asshole. Josh is contorted so far over he can tongue the head of his own dick while Rick rims his ass. Rick opens wide to suck Josh’s cock until he cums. Josh returns the favor and gets himself a face full of spooge. An impromptu game of arm wrestling results in Crash as the winner and he claims Braxton Bond as his prize. They take it to the pool table, kissing and getting ready to play with each other’s sticks and balls. Crash grips Braxton’s dick and strokes it to hardness. Braxton grabs Crash’s cock and starts to suck it, then he mouths the perfect balls tickling each orb with his tongue. Crash pushes Braxton onto the table and starts to fellate him. He’s just as hungry for cock and nurses on it like a hungry baby. He eats Braxton’s ass, running his tongue around and into the hole. Crash slides his dick inside the primed asshole. He fucks the blond jock in nice steady strokes, then gradually quickens the pace. The guys switch up and Braxton fucks Crash just as vigorously until he cums and shoots his wad. Tristan Jaxx and Alexy Tyler wrestle to determine which one is the best. They grapple and twist around, muscles straining, energy intense. Alexy wins but Tristan vows to fuck his ass. They slip out of their singlets ready for action. Alexy has the right moves as he subdues Tristan, down on the mat, flat on his back, dick exposed and ready for sucking. Alexy is a dynamo gobbling up his opponent’s cock and balls, before the trusty Tristan finally gets a hold of Alexy’s dick and the two jocks 69. Alexy mounts Tristan still sucking away while Tristan eats his ass. Then Alexy is down on his back and Tristan sucks him off driving him crazy. Tristan then plugs Alexy’s hole so hard, he makes him whimper until he cums across his belly. Tristan pulls out and strokes himself until he shoots his wad. Marc Williams delivers Dominik Rider the ultimate insult: he fights like a girl. Fighting words indeed and the two decide to settle it in the ring. The bell clangs and the pugilists dance around, trading blows and quick jabs. After a series of punches, Dominik is down for the count. He’s out cold. Like any victorious warrior, Marc enjoys the spoils of war. He strips Dominik down to his jockstrap and starts to feast on his asshole. Dominik slowly recovers and happily submits for more, the tongue action sending him into orbit. He’s still on the ropes as the brown bomber starts to fuck his hole. Marc is fucking him so hard, Dominik’s seeing stars and he starts to jerk himself off until he cums in his hand. Then he sucks Marc’s licorice stick until he gets a blast of jism in the face. Cast: Crash, Josh West, Rick Powers, Tristan Jaxx, Alexy Tyler, Braxton Bond, Marc Williams, Dominik Rider