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Cholo Lovers 1

Cholo Lovers 1
Cholo Lovers 1 Edward James Productions
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Mexican bad boys show you how they get down in Cholo Lovers 1. These hard, horny and buffed guys like nothing more than letting you know who's the boss. Anthonio is true old school. He was present when the Mexican Mafia was formed, but now he's retired and looking to pass on his knowledge to Jules in a crash course that includes getting pounded in the ass by your superiors! When Jack comes to visit his old friend out in the barrio, he's a little scared to go outside - so he stays inside, where he thinks it's nice and safe. Maybe from guns and knives, but not from Joie's rock hard cock! He takes Jack by surprise from behind, and tells him he's going to give him some street cred tonight, whether it hurts or not! Chris is kind of shy, but Gabriel brings out the extrovert in him - and when Gabe's cock comes out, Chris gobbles it up like a burrito. It doesn't take long before there is hot male-flavoured spooge all over them both. Cholos like a little heat and these Cholo Lovers tear up each other's asses with a passion. Tough homies share the love! Cast: Anthonio Moreno, Max Sanchez, Max Stroker, Jack London, Peter Piper, Joie Torres, Ryan Starr, Gabriel, Chris, Jules