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Carpet Burns

Carpet Burns
Carpet Burns Triga Films
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You get more than just Carpet Burns with these horny carpet fitters! It says in the window that they give cheap deals and free fitting. However, nothing in life is free - is it? When randy fitter Dan and his mate go round to quote on a new job, they notice the customer's old Axminster is full of holes. The geezer has another hole that's gagging to be filled by the two lads who are as stiff as stair rods. Eager to oblige, they've soon got him bent over his kitchen table and treat him to a good old spit-roast fuck session. On the next job, Sam the carpet shop manager, takes his new apprentice to fit out a bedroom. The owner has left the keys to the house and Sam is quick to take advantage, showing the new boy the ropes - and how to take his boss' hard cock slammed up his back side. The next day Sam sends out his team of fitters to start work on another job. When the lads mess up and spill coffee all over the new carpet, the client is less than pleased. He demands compensation and gets it big time - with two hard cocks fucking him one after the other until they shoot their loads all over his shag pile! It's not the burn of the carpet these lads need to worry about - it's the burn of a thick cock splitting their arses!