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Bunker Falcon Mustang
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Far beyond basic training, in the bunks and latrines of the barracks, hard bodied soldiers give in to lust. Follow their hard-pounding tactical manoeuvres in Bunker, where these guys make for some supremely satisfying drills and exercises! Brad Rock, Rodin Kohl and Troy Brewer settle into their bunks for the night, but Brad just can't keep his hands of his cock. Rodin catches the action out of the corner of his eye and rises to give Brad a hand. Meanwhile, Troy Brewer catches sight of Rodin's cock from the bottom bunk and can't resist the temptation. The men straddle the bunks sucking and stroking and before long these studs are all on the same bunk.sucking, rimming, and fucking their way through a scorching threeway. As the intensity heightens these enlisted men surrender to the call of their stiff cocks and asses until each man has had his fill and lost his load. Back from manoeuvres, Trojan Rock and Ivan Andros have a chance to cool off in their camouflage gear, but temptation leads them to heat things up. They gradually work their way out of their gear-stroking and sucking as they strip-and into a frenzy of man to man action. Trojan buries his cock in Ivan's ass, opening him up for a good hard fuck. Ivan takes it all eagerly and allows the rhythmic fucking to push him to the boiling point before both men stroke out their loads and discover the true meaning of R&R. Meeting up in the latrine, soldiers Nick Marino and Justin Riddick trade haircuts while Dean Campbell showers. As the clippings fly, these two studs find themselves hard and hot. When the last of the trimming is done, Nick and Justin devote themselves to sucking cock. With his tool nice and stiff, Justin begins to fuck Nick just as Dean steps out of the shower. Dean offers Nick his cock and he eagerly sucks it down.sandwiched between the horny GI's. The men work together, taking what they need and moving between sucking and fucking until each man is sated and soaked in cum. Trey Casteel spots Ken Browning flipping through a girly mag. As Ken's cock rises, Trey decides to shift the attention away from the magazine, sucking Ken's cock expertly. Ken loves the attention and pulls Trey down on his cock. Before long Ken's asking for Trey's ass, and Trey is eager to comply. Lost in the exaltation of their cocks, these two soldiers suck rim and fuck until Trey is covered in cum which Brad feeds his hungry comrade as they relax in their loads. Where else would you want to be, other than in the Bunker with these hot studs? Cast: Brad Rock, Trey Casteel, Ken Browning, Nick Marino, Ivan Andros, Dean Campbell, Rodin Kohl, Trojan Rock, Troy Brewer, Justin Riddick