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Built Tough

Built Tough
Built Tough Falcon Jocks
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In Built Tough from 1995 the action never slows in this complex meditation on sex and seduction, memory and fantasy. It all begins when four sweaty farmhands (Stone, Andrews, Majors and Hampton) take a break outside the barn. Andrews get so horny remembering (or imagining?) a hot match with Cort Jensen that he makes a blatant come-on to Majors, daring the big guy to let him suck his cock. Sure, says Majors, as long as the others join in, too. So, as Andrews swallows his fellow workers one by one, each flashes back to a memory or fantasy of another encounter. For Majors, it's with his submissive mechanic, Jeff Austin. For Stone, it's busting the butt of muscular warehouse worker Brandon Reeves. For Hampton, it's walking in on two fellow workers (Marks and Harper) arguing over who's the boss while he's away and showing them why he's the top man. Director Rutherford manages to capture a mood that's at once sweaty and dreamlike. Studies show that many American fantasise about sex almost constantly while they're on the job - Built Tough takes that reality to its logical extreme. Cast: Brad Stone, Jake Andrews, Rod Majors, Brandon Reeves, Steve Harper, Jeff Austin, Steve Marks, Tony Hampton, Cort Jensen