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Breeding Mike O'Neill

Breeding Mike O'Neill
Breeding Mike O'Neill Treasure Island Media
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Breeding Mike O'Neill had its start when young Mike O'Neill came in to Treasure Island for an interview. He's an insatiable, world-class cum-hungry bottom, and Treasure Island gave him an afternoon he won't soon forget. First they milk the cum out of a bunch of men in order to fill a glass with the white stuff, then freeze all the fresh semen and use the "cum-cube" as a small dildo to start off Mike's breeding, resulting in a gut-full of cum that insures that no more lube will be needed for the rest of the day. Once Mike's hole is oozing and bubbling with the jizz of god-knows how many men, in comes a troop of studs to give Mike a fuck-session that lasts all afternoon. Mega-Daddy Mark Magnos, stud-top Steve Parker, bulldog Joe Stack, hotstuff Tom Tomorrow, newcomers Perry, "Dick", Karl and other randy fuckers. All of them take their turns using Mike, double-fucking him, shooting sperm up his ass once or twice, and pumping loads down his throat. And every time Mike feels another big raw cock sliding deep inside him, a huge grin spreads over his face. Here's a kid who now truly lives to serve cock, to be a receptacle for seed. By the end of the day, Mike's slutty butt-hole is gaping wide-open, protruding red and raw - bred by the loads of a crowd of men. In addition to all this heavy ass-pounding raw-fuck action, horse-hung topman Jesse gives every inch of his monster-choda to Erich Lange and, later in the dvd, to Tom Shannon. Both Erich and Tom walked funny for a day or so after Jesse got through riding them. This is raw fucking cum-lust at its nastiest and hottest. Cast: Mike O'Neill, Steve Parker, Joe Stack, Tom Tomorrow, Perry, Dick, Karl, Jesse, Erich Lange, Tom Shannon