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Bold Moves

Bold Moves
Bold Moves Falcon Jocks
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Bold Moves is about the crazy things that occur when director Bruno Bond takes seven testosterone-charged Falcon Studs and puts them together to see what happens. Landon Conrad and Andrew Jakk make their moves on each other, completely losing themselves in the moment. This hot couple can feel the sexual heat churning deep within their loins as they make out with a burning passion. Sensing something's sizzling upstairs, Christopher Daniels sneaks up on the horny twosome and watches them from a safe distance. Andrew dives face-first into Landon's crotch and begins sucking on his big stiff cock with slow and steady slurps. Christopher's caught off-guard when Adrian Long quietly joins him and they start fooling around, matching the first couple's sexual gameplay blow for blow. Landon continues celebrating his horn dog partner by rimming Andrew's tight asshole and after priming the puckered hole, he fucks him every which way. After getting turned on by each other and by watching their buddies go at it, Adrian Long and Christopher Daniels can't contain their sexual attraction any longer and rimming becomes fucking as Adrian hits it with his boy toy, fucking him from down under and from behind, putting Christopher through the ringer. Freshly showered, horny and wrapped in a towel, Colby Keller spots Blake Daniels stretched across the bed dozing. Not wanting to rouse the sleeping hottie, he walks out onto the deck and starts to wank. Blake wakes from his slumber and happily joins Colby. Colby eats out Blake's ass, coaxing his playmate into an even more erotic state. Grabbing onto Blake's waist to steady himself, big boy Colby goes right for the bull's-eye, hitting Blake's spot . After a while, Blake flips onto his back and with one leg stretched up to rest on Colby's shoulder, they continue screwing. Colby cums in solid streaks all over his lover and Blake finishes himself off by hand until he climaxes onto his own stomach. It's late in the day, the sky's growing dark and Adrian Long and JR Matthews are in the hot tub soaking their troubles away. JR makes the first move on his tub-mate, getting in position to suck his schlong. The stirring sensation of cock-in-mouth quickly overwhelms them both inspiring some serious fuck action. Bold Moves is a four scene sexual pot of hot man-love that sees these guys spurting out eight massive loads! Cast: Landon Conrad, Andrew Jakk, Adrian Long, Christopher Daniels, Colby Keller, Blake Daniels, JR Matthews