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Blue Summer Breeze

Blue Summer Breeze
Blue Summer Breeze Bijou Video
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Blue Summer Breeze features heartwarming foreplay, romance, rapturous cocksucking, and intense anal intercourse. Jim is newly out of the Marines and decides to take time off and have a trip into the mountains. He comes across two guys fooling around in the forest and is intrigued. Jimbo takes up the guys' invitation to come to their cabin. There he is introduced to Burt, a European who confronts Jim with, 'If you were thinking I was gay, you would be right.' Jim is your ultimate straight guy. He goes off into the woods on a walk with Burt who offers his enormous uncut tool to him - 'try it if you don't like, you stop.' So Jim takes Burt's thick tool just fine, gagging a bit and taking his wad fully. After several other trysts, Jim decides to go home to his chick, but he leaves things open with Burt - a huge prodding tool up your ass will do that to you. Nearly a quarter of a century after it was made, Blue Summer Breeze remains a touchingly romantic idyll of sexual awakening. The cast is comprised of six youths of varying types, the acting is believably sensitive and the sexual action is consistently arousing. The story is simple but affecting, and at its centre are two stars, Jim Mayer and Burt Edwards, each of whose screen presence makes the screen fairly glow! Cast: Jim Mayer, Burt Edwards, Carey North, Wes Green, Don Muir, Eric Kahnler