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Big Dick Society 2: Dicktimized (Blu-Ray)

Big Dick Society 2: Dicktimized (Blu-Ray)
Big Dick Society 2 Dicktimized (Blu-Ray) Jet Set
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This is the Blu-Ray dvd release. Big Dick Society 2: Dicktimized is the long awaited sequel from Jet Set and features 11 hot models with nearly 8 feet of rock hard cocks! Everyone of these hunks shoot a steamy load which culminates in a total of 18 juicy cumshots! Big Dick Society 2: Dicktimized sees Trevor and Cort welcome a number of well-hung guys to their video store, and then to their colourfully lit sex club hidden just behind. Inside the club, butts appear and shirts come off and guys take a taste here and a taste there, obviously looking for just the right partner and the ideal big dick. Seven of the shirtless men line up to stroke their dicks and be sucked off, one by one, by scruffy Jude Colton. Big as they all are, he can handle it. As he sucks each one they keep stroking until each bust a nut in spectacular fashion leaving the guys soaked in sweat and the floor splattered with cum. The guys disperse and Slade heads to a glory-hole area and sticks his huge stiff cock through an opening to be appreciated and worked on by athletic David. Slade returns the favour by giving David's super-erect dick a saliva-slick blow job and fingering his own naked ass from time to time. David turns his butt hole to the opening so that Slade can rim him. Slade's long tongue works the puckered hole and when David's open enough, Slade rams his dick through the hole to fuck David's ass, his cock throbbing inside of him and stretching his hole. Muscular jock Marcus is discovered kneeling on a bed, set up in a jail-like area, with Cody on the other side of the bars. At first Marcus works on Cody's big cock through the bars. And then Austin joins Cody on his side. The two begin to make out, and Marcus turns his attention to Austin's dick. Cody then takes over blowing Austin. Clothes are coming off, as Marcus is now working on both the guys at once. Cidd now shows up next to Cody and Austin, and Marcus works on him as well. He then pushes his pants down and turns his back to the bars, and the three all grab and fondle his ass and body. There is no door in this mock jail, so the three come around and lead him over to a nearby sling and settle him in it. They're ready to give him just what he wants - all three of their dicks up his ass, one by one. Trevor and his friend Cort have discovered scruffy-faced, cute Jude, a new face at their club. They kiss back and forth and pull Jude's pants off. They're all three looking for some hot action and with Jude as the obvious meat in their sexual sandwich, Cort dives his face into his inviting ass, while Jude goes down on Trevor's big dick. They all get close, kissing and fondling, and then switch sides - Jude now deep throating Cort's big dick and Trevor eating and widening his hole on the other end. Jude turns around again, so that Cort can go back to his energised licking of his ass and Trevor to feeding him his big dick. Cort pushes his way into Jude's ass, but it doesn't stop him from sucking on Trevor's cock at the same time. After a while, Cort offers Trevor a piece of Jude's hot ass. With Trevor holding his legs aloft, Jude goes over on his back, and he gets hard dick driven directly down into him. Trevor and Cort are soon ready to pop, so both pound their dicks and loudly cum over Jude's body. Rod discovers Derrick outside in the alley. He doesn't waste any time in going down on the biggest dick yet. His cock more than fills Rod's mouth, but it never stops him. He gives him a long and choking blow job while jacking on his own. Eventually, Derrick takes a turn on his knees servicing Rod for a while. Rob finally bends over to let Derrick rim his ass and get him ready for the big fuck that he knows is coming. With Rod still bent over, Derrick launches his missile up Rod's ass and begins fucking him in that bent over position. And he stays in that nearly impossible position for a long time, balancing himself on the floor, or by holding on to his and Derrick's legs. He finally power-jacks his cock until Derrick cums. For the truly Dicktimized, it's an endless pursuit to find the one that truly fits! (This is the UK R18 release) Cast: Trevor Knight, Cort Donovan, Marcus Steele, David Dakota, Jude Colton, Autin Grant, Jeremy Lange, Derrick Long, Vance Montgomery, Cidd Pierce, Slade