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Big Boy Box 1 (4 Dvds)

Big Boy Box 1 (4 Dvds)
Big Boy Box 1 Big Boy
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Big Boy Box 1 comprises four big discs featuring a seemingly never-ending line-up of big boys who all have just one thing on their minds - sex! Anytime, anyplace and certainly anywhere, they have a thirst for thrust that needs quenching! You'd think that some of these slender guys wouldn't be able to take the massive cocks that are knocking at their back doors, but take them they do - and with pleasure! It's always been said that black guys have the biggest dicks, but the white guys in this box set are equally blessed in that department and prove they can be just as deadly with their meaty weapon! White or black - it's all the same to these eager butt boys who just want to be spliced and ripped by a mighty dick and where some are happy with a little one on one action, there are others who want to be the filling in a tasty manwich or even part of an intense daisy chain. One dirty bottom slut even combines pleasure with pain as he is double-dicked by two oversized ebony gods! Big Boy Box 1 is an interracial indulgence with over six hours of sublime lechery that sees every hole plugged and pummelled and every guy left smiling, sated and coated in man-cream!