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Big Bang

Big Bang
Big Bang Falcon Studio
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Big Bang certainly starts off with a big bang - a slow-fuse introduction to horny Mark Baxter, padding around his San Francisco flat with something prominent poking through the flaps of his robe, cruising young studs taking a leak in the garden down below, and finally exploding in a frenzy of lust with big Glenn Steers. It's a terrific pairing, with the kind of classic body-on-body architecture and smoldering eye contact that mark the best of Falcon's work. These two seem to be entirely wrapped up in what they're doing, and the camera faithfully records their genuine passion -hot stuff. Things are hot in the Joey Stefano and Michael Parks segment, with Joey breaking typecasting to play top, and the fourway finale with Francois, Stone, Flex and Gunther manages to strike a few sparks. A good addition to your dvd shelf. Cast: Glenn Steers, Mark Baxter, Storm, Luc Francois, Joey Stefano, Michael Parks, Matt Gunther