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Before My Wife Gets Home

Before My Wife Gets Home
Before My Wife Gets Home Men.Com
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Before My Wife Gets Home gives you guys who may be married, but are carrying a big secret their wives do not know. It just so happens that pussy is not on the minds of these husbands - they crave a hard cock instead. Watch as horny husbands sneak in a sex session with their hot man friends and keep their secrets from their wives! Before My Wife Gets Home opens with a sizzling scene between nice guy Brenner Bolton and ferocious married bad boy Sebastian Young. Their scene of married dude Sebastian succumbing to Brenner's flirting makes for a scorching bit of forbidden sex. Unbeknownst to him, Tom Faulk's wife has scheduled an interview with Jake Matthews for a personal assistant job she is hiring for. Running late, the Mrs. asks that Tom entertain her potential employee until she is able to get back to the house. The two men discuss life and Tom soon learns that Jake bats for another team. Curiosity takes over when Jake offers Tom a chance to see what it's like to sleep with another man. They must work quickly before the wife returns home and finds her husband in a questionable position with the new hired hand. Owen Michael's wife has hired some new help to clean up after her messy husband. What she doesn't know is that her husband has a wandering eye for dick. Diego Vena is one person who spots this a mile away. Diego puts on a show for the stay-at-home husband who can't help but check out the new Latin flavour his wife has provided. Owen thinks a quick blowjob will do the trick but he discovers that he has an appetite for much more - which is a problem due to his wife's quickly approaching arrival home! Cast: Sebastian Young, Brenner Bolton, Diego Vena, Jake Matthews, Owen Michaels, Tom Faulk