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Basic Plumbing 3

Basic Plumbing 3
Basic Plumbing 3 Falcon Studio
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One of the most beloved and successful franchises in Falcon's history is back! And yes, Chase Hunter is back, with it! The legendary Falcon stud, who debuted in 1993's Basic Plumbing, is back for the third chapter in the blockbuster series - and he looks bigger and better than ever! Roman Heart knows what he wants, so he stuffs his toilet with condoms and calls Basic Plumbing to unclog his pipes. They send over Ari Bond, who sees the stack of girlie mags Roman's placed in the bathroom, and makes quick work of them, stroking his massive cock while Roman peeks through the crack. Chase Hunter, the owner of Basic Plumbing, made it a success because he does what it takes to make the customer happy. So when Trent Atkins calls over Cort Donovan and Derek Brodie, the two do all in their power to satisfy his needs, which means fucking the power bottom's hungry ass! Back at the office, Chase interviews a new plumber (Erik Rhodes). Chase impresses the importance of doing whatever it takes to please the punter, and shows Erik first-hand by stripping him down and fucking his hard and tight muscle-butt! When Christian Owen's shower explodes and he's in desperate need of a plumber, the meek dispatcher - played by Trevor Knight - must take care of both it, and the customer himself. Meanwhile, Roman - unsatisfied from his first call - demands that he gets what he wants, so this time he gets Chase himself to come over and take care of his pipes - especially his ass-pipe - in a soon-to-be legendary pairing of a Falcon topman with a Falcon bottom. Cast: Chase Hunter, Roman Heart, Ari Bond, Christian Owen, Cort Donovan, Derek Brodie, Erik Rhodes, Trent Atkins, Trevor Knight