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Bare Hotel

Bare Hotel
Bare Hotel Bare
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Bare Hotel absolutely has it all - gorgeous boys, meaty dicks, hard bareback fucking, cum in the face and spunk in the mouth. Some bareback films lazily think condom-less sex is all they need to be good. Not this one - the action is just plain hot! Bare Hotel opens with a killer threeway featuring Filip, a smooth cute barely legal teen. He cums with his dick in the hands of Thomas, a blond boy with a fantastic hairless swimmers build and a big dick. The close up shots of bare cock and tight teen ass are wonderful. They are joined by Miky, a blond twink, and they take turns to shaft Spencer, getting a cock and a finger up him at the same time, before both shooting in his mouth! All the scenes that follow sizzle, but the fourway finale almost catches fire! Spencer is back with a young black guy who has the hugest uncut cock. Spencer can't fit it all in his mouth and struggles to cope with it up his arse. The fuck is awesome. Spencer almost has to take steps backwards and forwards to cope with the thrusts, and there are some dirty shots of Spencer's gaping red hole afterwards. At the same time two cute young guys are fucking, and for their climax they both spunk on Spence, who is pleasuring himself with a big fat dildo. Finally the black guy unloads into Spence's mouth. Wonder if the Bare Hotel has any rooms free! Cast: Miky Sem, Rony Silver, Gerry O'Connell, Andrew Fisher, Cameron Jackson, Marco Fisher, Filip Dorty, Thomas Wolf, Sanchez Viva, Erresto Filippi