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Bare Hostel

Bare Hostel
Bare Hostel Bare
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The Czech Republic opens its doors - not to mention its legs - for another furious session of frantic cock-sucking and bareback ass-fucking in Bare Hostel. Stephen Blake asks Cole Macey to help him out with some essential repairs, but ass-hungry Macey is more interested in that deliciously uncut cock that Blake has between his legs, not to mention the youngster's tight little butthole. Needless to say it isn't long before Blake's pucker is playing host to Macey's ramrod, with the young twink bouncing up and down on his landlord's lap with the sort of gusto you'd expect from a lad his age. Patres Reco is a cute cock-lusty newcomer, who's basically a complete whore and takes advantage of a situation where he and two of his pals (Christiano Law and Robinos Clark) have to share a bed at the hostel. His holes open like flowers in a hothouse - something that doesn't escape the notice of either of his friends. As a result, Law is soon fucking the first load of spunk out of Reco, before Clark repeats the exercise to make it a fabulous double for this stunning little bottom. In the next scene, Gio Gallis munches on Kingsley's shaft like his life depends on it, then parts his legs over a sun-lounger for the sort of banging wet-dreams are made of! Little wonder he squirts like a shaken bottle of lemonade at the scene's conclusion. Porn lovers know better than anyone that there's really nothing hotter than watching a couple of guys making out together, so when Justin Wilde and Nick Hansen stumble upon Gallis and Kingsley copping off, it's really no surprise when they head off to the nearest outhouse to get some action for themselves. Thick and meaty, Abel Collis' knob is very clearly the sort of ramrod that likes nothing better than to worm its way into any hot horny hole that's available - which in this instance a slut like Lukas Leung is only too eager and willing to provide! Having witnessed the escapades and adventures of all his guests at the hostel, handsome Daniel Wood turns his attentions to his own sexual needs. The dashing Marty Marshall provides Wood with a deliciously appetising cock to play with, and the sort of hungry asshole that just cries out to be fucked and, before you know it, his raw shaft is pounding away at Marshall's slit like a piston. It's little wonder the dirty-minded bottom groans and writhes with pleasure in response. Fucked in every position imaginable, Marshall's soon busting his nuts, then Wood lifts himself up to pump a nine-gun salute into his partner's mouth. With over a dozen of the hottest guys (not to mention the biggest dicks) to savour and enjoy, this is one hostel everyone needs to check into this summer! Cast: Abel Collis, Christiano Law, Cole Macey, Daniel Wood, Gio Galis, Justin Wilde, Lukas Leung, Luke Kingsley, Marty Marshall, Nick Hansen, Patres Reko, Robinos Clark, Stephen Blake