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Bad Behaviour

Bad Behaviour
Bad Behaviour Falcon Studio
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Bad Behavior (Falcon Pac 132) is another winner for Falcon studios. Director John Rutherford has assembled a stellar cast of down and dirty sex machines and angel-faced beauties. The plot is simple. Humpy Marcus Iron and adorable Chad Kennedy are Bible thumpers who go out to spread the good word and try to save sinners. Little do they know that the first door they knock on is that of leather daddy Addison Scott, who grabs them and drags them downstairs to his den of iniquity. Iron is thrown into a stockade to observe an already sling-bound Caesar, and Kennedy is taken to another room of debauchery. There, led by Scott, five other devilish disciples (Enrico Vega, Kristian Alverez, Scott Matthews, Nick Young and Spike) strip Kennedy and teach him the pleasures of man-to-man flesh. This scene starts off as a round robin suckfest, with everyone devouring dick as if it were his last meal. Everyone rims and then fucks. Animalistic Scott fucks Kennedy like there's no tomorrow, while Kennedy worships Spike's super-schlong. But the hottest moment in this scene is when Spike splashes his huge load all over Scott's chrome dome as Scott is sucking face with Kennedy. Then, all hell breaks loose and a gangbang begins. Kennedy gets his ass pounded by all six men who then circle the sweat-soaked Kennedy and spray all over him. Next we're back to the stockade, where Scott makes Iron watch as he loosens Caesar's butthole, first with a finger, then a dildo, then a buttplug. In addition, Scott strips him and sucks him. All worked up, the three are all over each other. Then, Scott bulldozes Iron and Caesar with a double-headed dildo till all explode. Next, Scott turns voyeur and watches porn pup Jeremy Jordan and Nino Bacci get down and dirty. Jordan is laid out on a pool table, first sucking and worshipping Bacci's uncut donkey dong. Then Bacci sits on Jordan's face and mouth fucks him before buttfucking him till both fire off. The final scene is a real scorcher. Two new Bible thumpers (cutie Gage Michaels and favorite Sam Crockett) knock on the door. This time around, though, Iron does the grabbing. He immediately drags the boys into his lair, a beautifully lit bedroom, with red sheets. All three suck each other, and in a frenzy of flip-flopping, everyone does just about everything to everyone. Bad Behavior delivers everything - hot guys, hard cocks and great cum shots - and Kennedy gets extra points for taking and enjoying six separate cocks during the opening scene. The moral of this tale is: with a little luck and a lot of lube, almost anyone can be sexually born again! Cast: Marcus Iron, Jeremy Jordan, Addison Scott, Kristian Alvarez, Gage Michaels, Caesar, Spike, Nino Bacci, Scott Matthews, Chad Kennedy, Nick Young, Enrico Vega, Sam Crockett