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Authority Figures

Authority Figures
Authority Figures Icon Male
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In Authority Figures, young boys get valuable lessons in life and in love as older gay mentors - authority figures if you will - take them under their wings. Ultra runner Kory Houston gives coach Rodney Steele attitude during a practice, leading Rodney to put young Kory in his place. Kory reveals some deep seated fears, and Rodney comforts the lithe athlete, putting things into perspective. Legendary acting coach Max Sargent has his hands full with soap star Armond Rizzo. The young man is slated for a major motion picture, but doesn’t have the acting chops to pull it off. Max provides guidance, taking Armond to the next level. Boy pop star Brandon Wilde gets a visit in jail from defense attorney Damon Andros. Damon has had enough of Brandon’s recklessness and makes it clear he won’t tolerate it anymore. Ever the good counselor, Damon gives Brandon a lesson from the school of hard knocks. Acclaimed photographer Adam Russo must contend with bewildered new model Kyler Ash. The young stud is in LA from Iowa, and terrified that he will fall prey to the notorious photographer. Kyler gets a big surprise when Adam tips his hand. Cast: Brandon Wilde, Damon Andros, Adam Russo, Armond Rizzo, Kory Houston, Kyler Ash, Max Sargent, Rodney Steele