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Arabesque (2 Dvds)

Arabesque (2 Dvds)
Arabesque (2 Dvds) Raging Stallion
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Famous for slickly designed black floor/brick walls sex club movies, director Chris Ward has, for several years now, given us occasional glimpses of his Hollywood exotic influences. Arabesque is the finest of these movies and the finest yet of his career. With its lavish art direction and imaginative use of footage from Hollywood silent classics The Sheik and Son of the Sheik, Ward has created an Arabia for the mind and the senses. The unplotted scenes flow like individual stories from The 1001 Nights, shifting from an Arabian marketplace to a Turkish bath to a Moorish palace. The visual appreciation does not stop with the sets, locations, and costumes. The masculine, exotic cast - headed by potential superstars Huessein, François Sagat, and Remy Delaine - could not be bettered. This actually is a showcase for ultrasexy Huessein whose untiring erection pokes at least five asses in three scenes and often comes more than once per scene. He is particularly strong in the opening marketplace fiveway and in the atmospheric, moonlit bathing scene with Sagat. The passion of this coupling is heightened by a superb sequence of Huessein punch-fucking Sagat's held-open ass. Many of the bottoms come while being fucked, always a plus, and there are several excellent squirts. An especially well-photographed scene is the Ivan Andros/Remy Delaine duo - beautiful ejaculation from Andros! Extras include an excellent behind the scenes documentary with Ward, interviews, the Tim and Roma Show, and additional sex. Thoroughly recommend for abundant sex, great cast, and terrific extras. Cast: Huessein, Remy Delaine, Francois Sagat, Manuel Torres, Cory Koons, Colin West, Ivan Andros, Joey Milano, Dario Granada, Joey Russo