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Alpine Wood 2

Alpine Wood 2
Alpine Wood 2 Falcon Studio
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More hot studs around in Alpine Wood 2, the second of Falcon's two part blockbuster and they're back to share a house in the mountains for a weekend of fun. Leading Director Bruno Bond shows how a rugged good time gets even better when these scruffy-faced men hook up all over the house in spontaneous manly action. Hard dicks and big appetites abound in the lodge, where the frigid weather drives men to seek the heat that only another man's body can provide. In Alpine Wood 2, ten hot Falcon studs indulge in mountain fun and it begins with Landon Conrad and Brandon Jones who have needs that can't wait, so Landon lays his Alpine Wood into Brandon in as many ways as he can take it. Alex Graham and Nick Sterling work up a heat to match the embers in the fireplace. They exchange head and Alex deep tongue-fucks Nick's ass before nailing it and getting some in return. Luke Milan and Chris Bines get hot over a game of pool when passerby Kaleb Klark adds a spark that ignites their smouldering lust. Brandon Jones spies on Kayden Fleming, who's having a wank in the shower. Kayden catches him, and Brandon joins him in the shower fully dressed to suck his massive meat. Leo Sweetwood and Andrew Justice spontaneously combust in the daddy-boy scene of the year. Displaying lust, tenderness and passion, these ten hunks set Alpine Wood 2 ablaze, a fire that even their huge loads of cum can't put it out! Cast: Landon Conrad, Brandon Jones, Alex Graham, Nick Sterling, Luke Milan, Chris Bines, Kaleb Klark, Kayden Fleming, Andrew Justice, Leo Sweetwood