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Aftershock Part 1

Aftershock Part 1
Aftershock Part 1 Falcon Mustang
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A rowdy sty of twenty - yes, twenty - chiseled boys and beefcake men celebrate their inner pig in this raunchy, crotch-roiling jamboree, Aftershock Part 1 (Mustang Pac 67). There's no plot, just a heaping trough of sloppy, sweaty, sticky animal sex. Jason Hawke and Jeremy Jordan start things off with a mutual piss in the lavatory, followed by a reciprocal round of slathery ass slurping and an appropriately trashy over-the-sinks plow into Jeremy's tight little bottom. Elsewhere, in an anonymous jail/dungeon/playpen environment, a quartet of hunky, hairy leather studs - Colton Ford, Addison Scott, Sebastian Cole and Peter Raeg - performs a spitty suck-and-rim-and-plow number that climaxes with a bumpy four-man daisy chain.The next sequence starts with a one-man stroke-alone and slowly, tantalizingly, escalates into a full-blown nine-way pork-a-thon in a garage, on and around a rusty old pick-up truck. There's enough foreskin in this scene to chew on for hours, and it's with no small amount of effort that lucky sucker Parker Williams squeezes two plump danglers (belonging to Nino Bacci and Carlos Morales) into his greedy mouth simultaneously. But the scene-stealer here is insatiable cock-gobbler Alec Martinez, who at one point drops to his knees and voraciously sucks off a bulging line-up of eight macho beef wranglers; the Latino sex pot winds up glazed in their collective goo. And, as always, wily stud fuck Nino's exquisite rimming/fingering technique - lavished here upon the puckering and pierced underside of Diego Alvarez - is always a delicious sight to behold. Back in the anonymous dungeon, an abduction/restraint scenario unfolds with master Rob Romoni and servant Jason Land. This one offers one of the more indelible images I've seen lately: a dozen clothespins pinched to Jason's nipples, navel and nutsack. He pumps out a juicy hands-free wad while his clamped scrotum is stretched and spread out such that it looks like a stiff high collar wreathed around his effusive bone. The dungeon finale begins with cute scruff puppy Bret Wolfe strapped into a sling, lubing up and spanking his pink, vice-like annulus in preparation for daddy Tom Chase's flickering tongue, probing fingers and spelunking cock. Chase serves Jerek likewise. Meanwhile, Carlos offers a demonstration of his hungness - and flexibility - by taking a few licks of his own throbbing lollipop. Soon enough, Chase reaches for the Crisco and pitches into Bret's - then Jerek's - stretched magina. Cast: Colton Ford, Tom Chase, Addison Scott, Jeremy Jordan, Carlos Morales, Alec Martinez, Jason Hawke, Paul Johnson, Jerek, Nino Bacci, Parker Williams, Bret Wolfe, Sebastian Cole, Rob Romoni, Jason Land, Peter Raeg, Ricky Cash, Nick Capra, Alex Leon, Diego Alvarez