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Afterparty Falcon Mustang
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Erik Rhodes is one happy man in Afterparty and passing the bar gives him reason enough to party hearty. He summons his friends to help him celebrate, and they pull out all the stops to make sure the fuckfest is one he'll never forget. Nash Lawler and Colby McNight partner up, fuelled with champagne and encouragement from the other partygoers who watch them suck cock, eat ass, and 69, ending with Colby riding Nash's rigid pole to an explosive climax. Erik Rhodes is the perfect host to T.J. Hawke, Tony Capucci and Damian Rios as he feasts on their cocks, rims their asses and surrenders his hole for them to take turns and plow. The mighty triplets then shove a bottle up his ass before rewarding him with three helpings of cum shot into his mouth. Partyboy Erik ends up totally trashed. Somehow he finds himself steaming up the shower with Damian Holt and T.J. Young in a frisky romp of cocksucking, asslicking and fucking. The rugged trio eagerly lap each other up, bathing and luxuriating in their hedonistic manliness. Erik is so jazzed up after his frenzied party he just can't sleep. He makes an on-line connection and young stud Kai Ford arrives to help him release the sexual energy. The two enthusiastically launch into a gymnastic exercise of erotic manplay as they suck, rim and fuck to climax. The party is just getting started and the Falcon hunks would love for you cum on in and join the Afterparty! Cast: Erik Rhodes, Colby McNight, Damian Rios, Damien Holt, Kai Ford, Nash Lawler, T.J. Hawke, T.J. Young, Tony Capucci