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Simply Adult sell a large selection of Better Sex products designed to improve your sexual health, sexual potency, and sexual well being, including penis enlargement devices, vacuum developers, premature ejaculation aids, and spare parts for vacuum pumps, Andromedical, Phallosan, and Bathmate.

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1.   Releazy Pump: Blue
Shots Toys £15.00
  1.   SUPERStretch 2 Max 10
SUPERStretch £149.00
2.   Bull Bag Buzz: Clear
Perfect Fit £39.00
  2.   Male Edge Pro
Male Edge £179.00
3.   Bull Bag Buzz: Black
Perfect Fit £39.00
  3.   Bathmate Hydromax X30: Blue
Bathmate £115.00
4.   SilaSkin Cock & Ball Ring: Clear
Perfect Fit £23.00
  4.   Black Label Penis Power Cream
Simply Direct £17.00
5.   SilaSkin Cock & Ball Ring: Black
Perfect Fit £23.00
  5.   China Brush
Shots Toys £22.00
6.   Bull Bag XL: Clear
Perfect Fit £25.00
  6.   Largo Gold Gel: 01 tube
Simply Direct £25.00
7.   Bull Bag XL: Black
Perfect Fit £25.00
  7.   GMax Power Caps: 01 Tablet Pack
GMax £6.00
8.   Bull Bag: Clear
Perfect Fit £25.00
  8.   Apollo Automatic Power Pump: Clear
Apollo £81.00