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She Squirts 11

She Squirts 11
She Squirts 11 New Sensations
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There's nothing quite so great as cute girls plugging their junk up with toys that are bigger than your baby's arm. In the first scene of She Squirts 11, Adajja jams herself full of flesh colored cylinders with fake veins on them. Logan manages to get four fingers up her pussy, then does some amazing things with molded plastic and rubber. You could almost feel her cum as she works larger and larger things into her birth canal. Desert Rose is next at bat, and she fools around with a flaming red vibe between her legs. She starts with her fingers, but quickly moves to a little black vibrator that has her very wet in no time flat. You can tell she's about to start squirting because she's not cramming larger and larger things in her crevice. When her little smooth white vibe comes out and she ministers to her clit for a long time, you can see her squirt muscles start working little by little. Then she blows like Moby Dick. This is what is mean't by squirting. It's a beautiful thing, and Desert knows how to make it happen. She does it over and over, and her muscles down there get spastic, but she still she goes for a little ride on the Sybian. The final scene is with Amber Michaels, who goes through the whole range of big toys with moans of delight. This dvd should prove once and for all that size doesn't matter. All of the girls who stuffed their junk like a thanksgiving turkey ended up walking funny the day after. Cast: Adajja, Amber Michaels, Desert Rose, Logan LaBrent