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Real Punting 19

Real Punting 19
Real Punting 19 Real Punting
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Another episode in this fantastic series where genuine escorts on the job give you a first-hand view of what to expect when you pay them a visit. Real Punting 19 introduces you to four new girls who have sex for a living - and love it. Caprice Jane of Nottingham is a pretty blonde with a sexy pink body stocking. A self-confessed nude sunbather, she's proud of her all-over tan. She moans provocatively as she sucks Joel's dick before stripping off her body stocking to proudly show off her all-natural tits. Joel dines out on her nipples before feasting on her shaved pussy. This horny couple then go 69 before Caprice Jane climbs atop his cock and rides him like a seasoned jockey. They change position and he fucks her all over the bed before she milks his cock all over her tits. Lola is another sexy blonde with a slim physique, a tight ass, and pert natural tits. She treats her good-looking punter Monty to a prolonged cock and ball mouthwash and then lets him dine out on her tits before they go top to tail for a mutual tonguing. They start their fuck session with a slow mish, but things get racy when she impales her shaved snatch on his cock and rides him hard and fast, their flesh slapping as the fucking gets more intense. This energetic session is finally concluded by Monty spraying his juice all over her face. Scarlett was born in Malta and moved to Newcastle when she was little, so she's got a strong Geordie accent and knows what she's doing as she teases Joel with her big tits. She groans with appreciation as she sucks his cock, making him rock hard before she sits on his face and grinds her pussy onto his tongue. Scarlett is very dominant and calls the shots when it comes to what position she wants to be fucked in - and who is Joel to complain. He slams her cowgirl, mish and especially doggy. Scarlett loves to be taken from behind and she shows him who's boss as he wants to cum on her face, but it'll cost him - and Joel is quite willing to pay up. Barbie Stroker is a sexy MILF with great body who loves to suck cock. She's got a deep throat and takes Joel's dick all the way down to his balls without gagging. She smothers his face with her tits and lets him diddle and suck her fanny before the supple MILF gets to moan like a whore as she is plowed in position after position until Joel blows his load all over her natural tits. Real Punting 19 features authentic British working girls servicing their clients. It's raw and it's definitely the real deal! Cast: Caprice Jane, Lola, Scarlett, Barbie Stroker, Others