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Real Punting 17

Real Punting 17
Real Punting 17 Real Punting
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Real Punting 17 brings you another host of genuine female escorts who are only too happy to cater to your every need - for a price! These lusty ladies are lovers of sex and, if they can get paid for doing what they love most, all the better. These five call girls open their hearts - and their legs - to give you a real insight into the world of escorting. Lauren is the first sexy babe who opens the door and welcomes Joel in wearing a pussycat outfit complete with ears. Joel freshens up, then Lauren gives him a slow and sensual massage to get him in the mood - which doesn't take long. Her slender frame straddles his naked body as she rubs baby oil into his back. She turns him over and immediately massages his cock - with her mouth. He strips off her outfit and nuzzles her AA cup tits before moving down to lap at her bald pussy. Lauren then coats him up and lowers herself onto his large cock like an accomplished rider. The couple fuck all over the bed before Joel finally shoots his load onto her smooth skin. Tiffany is a Uni graduate who loves getting fucked. After a glass of wine with her punter, the two of them don't even bother to make their way to the bedroom - they start making out on the sofa. Tiffany is soon naked and opens her legs for an electrifying tonguing. She returns the favour and noshes intently on her punter's cock. She wants more though and this pro fucks her john all over the room, using the sofa, chair and dining table as props before tugging him dry. Victoria is the next escort on Joel's fuck list - and this babe is dominant. With her shocking pink hair and Cheryl Cole outfit, she gets straight down to business and strips Joel naked. Another massage for Joel has him rock hard in no time. Victoria teases and tickles his cock with her tongue with the lightest of touch from her fingers before enveloping his shaft in her warm mouth, then blowing his mind with a mouthwash blowjob. She takes her time with Joel before she lets him touch her, but he's soon lapping at her cunt before sheathing up and fucking her stupid. Victoria loves it doggy and pushes back as Joel plunges into her from behind before he eventually pulls out and shoots his wad all over her face. Yuffie is a computer geek who used to do webcam work before she took her first step into escorting. The conversation quickly ends when Yuffie strips down to her sexy underwear and gives her punter a first class cock nosh. She allows him access to her succulent pussy and the two go 69 before she straddles his fat cock. Yuffie gets fucked all over the house until her punter delivers his seed between the valley of her huge boobs. Autumn is last, but by no means least, and gives Joel a whole new experience - a body to body massage. A qualified masseuse, this babe knows what she's doing, but takes it one step further. After showering, she smears gel all over the latex bed and all over Joel, then uses her whole body to give him the time of his life and a fuck he won't forget in a long time! If you want an alternative to quick strip fuck-me-hard school of gonzo, then Real Punting 17 is a refreshing change! Cast: Lauren Leen, Tiffany, Victoria, Yuffie Yulan, Autumn