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Jung, Geil & Versaut & Notgeile Hausfrauen (2 Dvds)

Jung, Geil & Versaut & Notgeile Hausfrauen (2 Dvds)
Jung Geil Und Versaut Und Notgeile Hausfrauen Unter Deutschen Dachern
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More naughty German harcore sex in this great two dvd packagae. In Jung, Geil & Versaut, it is said that if you lose one of your senses (taste, smell and sight) then the others are heightened - and that’s proven right here with these young babes. Blindfolded, they have no idea if it’s a tongue, hand or dick that’s going to touch them next - and the expectation is sensual and erotic! You can almost feel their anticipation as they open up their bodies for the experience of a lifetime! Their breath gets caught as fingers lightly tickle their clits, their chests expand as tongues probe their fresh pussies and their mouths open like a baby bird to take the thick cock that’s waiting on their lips! No doubt Christian Grey got his inspiration from Jung, Geil & Versaut! In Notgeile Hausfrauen, housewives are easily bored, so when they are offered the chance to while away the day with a full-on bump and grind session, the dirty domestic sluts jump at the chance! Anything goes for these filthy housewives - a fuck on the sofa or even a little lesbo action with the hot MILF from next door. Watch these amateur housewives swap the mundane jobs of a housewife for some super-sexy antics. Doing the housework or getting fucked? It's a no brainer!