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Julian's POV Debauchery

Julian's POV Debauchery
Julian's POV Debauchery Mayhem
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Not everything in Julian's POV Debauchery is actually POV - which, for those who've been living in a cave the last 50 years, means "point of view." (think, "my eye is the camera"). There are plenty of wide shots in here too, and that's good, because just about all of these babes deserve a good long tracking shot once in a while to get their full effect. There isn't a bad scene in this batch, and since they all star Julian, it's a damn good thing he's a good-natured, approachable performer. Certainly, the gals all think so, as he picks them up at restaurants, bus stops and beside their broken cars. Best of this batch is probably the single threeway, with gal-pals Veronika Raquel and Mason taking Julian back to their hotel room for a bit of fun. Dark-haired Mason really knows how to get the most out of her hips in the cowgirl bounce, and even helps out by rubbing Veronika's clit as the blonde rides him in reverse. These folks fit together well and both gals deliver excellent blowjobs. Other good choices of companionship include French-accented Alexis Knight, anal-loving Eden and fresh-faced Jolean, all of whom conspire to make this a Best All-Sex Tape nomination. Cast: Victoria Givens, Alexis Knight, Eden, Veronika Raquel, Mason, Jolean, Julian