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Juggernauts 1 (R18)

Juggernauts 1 (R18)
Juggernauts 1 R18 Mayhem
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Juggernauts is without doubt the nastiest incarnation ever of that hardcore-meets-fetish wear thang. For viewers who instantly sprout wood at the sight of big-titted porn babes in shiny pvc and thigh-high patent leather boots, Juggernauts will be masturbatory nirvana. Because with super hard-edged guru Skeeter Kerkove helming it, this production naturally goes way beyond previous examples of the genre in terms of pure mind-and-load blowing raunch. You simply ain't gonna see gagging, drool, felching, gape, double A's and other wondrously squalid sights in those other positively tame-by-comparison tapes. Add to the mix the fact that such A-list porn beauty queens as Bridgette Kerkove and Nicole Sheridan are the ones doing the very, very nasty (as opposed to skanky unknowns), and that Skeeter's direction brings furiously aggressive, demented energy to just about every anal-intensive scene, and Juggernauts' heat reading shoots right through the fuckin' roof. You wouldn't know it from the opener, however, a fairly generic coupling between white trash Brit whore Diamond and Alex Sanders. But from there on out, Juggernauts proceeds to take no prisoners. Scene two has Ben English face fucking humungous-titted Ava Divine and German import Anna Nova, forgoing their pussies in favor of impaling their assholes, then blowing in Nova's gape. She in turn squats over Divine's hungry mouth, and, well, you can guess what happens next. Scene three features the gorgeous Sheridan, never looking hotter dressed head to toe in shiny black pvc, and under Skeeter's direction, never getting nastier (loads will launch when at one point, she shoves much of her pvc-gloved hand deep into her ass) as real-life hubby Voodoo fucks her face and crapper, then shoots wildly all over her luscious kisser as she groans up a loud, animalistic storm. Next up is a furiously energized barn burner in which two statuesque beauties - Angelica Sin and Hunter Skott (in serious fetish boots, which wind up high around her ears at one point) - take anal poundings from Rich Handsome, who eventually squirts in real-life wife Sin's gape, from which Skott laps the funky stuff up and feeds it back to Sin's mouth. The closer has Skeeter's better half, the surgically Perfect 10 Bridgette Kerkove, doing gooey deep throats and multiple-position double penetrations and double anals with Mr. Pete and Trent Tesaro, who blow in her ass and on her face to close things out. Afterwards the Kerkove's exchange "I love yous," just in case anyone forgot that Juggernauts is, as the credits tell us, another Skeeter Kerkove love story. Definitely Best Anal-Themed Tape of the year! This is the UK R18 version, but is still full hardcore. Cast: Diamond, Anna Nova, Ava Devine, Nicole Sheridan, Angelica Sin, Hunter Skott, Bridgette Kerkove, Alex Sanders, Ben English, Voodoo, Rich Handsome, Trent Tesoro, Mr. Pete.