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In The Bum Zone 1

In The Bum Zone 1
In The Bum Zone 1 MiniskirtGirlz
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In The Bum Zone is a compilation from the MiniskirtGirlz arse-first series featuring Loz Lorrimar taking it up the rear in every scene. The opener is entirely new with Loz as Agent Pinstripe with brolly, gloves and pinstripe outfit. Loz takes it straight up the arse first and ends up with a nice pussy creampie. The next scene sees Loz in submissive mode with ball-gag and polka dot miniskirt, but the ball-gag doesn't stop her begging to get her back door speared by Dan's big cock. Loz likes to play dress-up and here she is dressed as a naughty schoolgirl begging for her rock star idol's autograph in exchange for a bum-boning session. Soon Loz is being bum fucked in a major anal session before taking a filthy load up her arse. Next we see Loz fantasizing about getting some cock in her bum. Her fantasies soon cum true when Dan, the man of butt-action, appears and answers her plea. Dressed in a fab black and red outfit, naughty Loz takes it up the arse in every position from sofa to standing up and eventually takes a mighty blast of sticky spunk up her butt on the bed with a nice leaky bum-hole ending. Loz is the queen of anal activity! Cast: Loz Lorrimar, Dan Kreamer