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Head Over Heels 3

Head Over Heels 3
Head Over Heels 3 Odyssey Group
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In Head Over Heels 3, Claudia portrays an idiomatic being who has not as yet learned what most sex workers discover after their first few tricks - that she is being paid to be served, not to serve. Tinkling the silver accessories dangling from her toes, she excitedly shows them off for the camera. Kicking her heels up in the air, suddenly, they hit upon a rock of hard cock. It's Sanders. She does a giggly sideways dance on the tip of his prick until he convinces her to get serious with the oral requirements. When Sanders sinks his fingers into her anus and gives them a villainous twist, her mood swings are swift and sudden. He pulls out of her ass and cums on her wagging hooves. Slightly less bubbly, Sky contributes the dvd's most sculpturally sound feet. The director defiles them, leading her barefoot through a muddy slug-filled garden. There's only one thing to do with soles this filthy - get worm-boy Jason to lick them clean. Sky laughs hysterically at this type of sideshow freakiness, but he does gets off on it, savouring every morsel of soil. And viewers witness a passion bordering on madness. Cast: Claudia Adkins, Misty Mendez, April Flowers, Nadia Foster, Sky, Alex Sanders, Others