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Desirable Girls

Desirable Girls
Desirable Girls Abby Winters
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Tall, blonde and with lovely long legs, the beautiful Misha is paired with the pert-breasted and sweet Aletta in this hot all Dutch passionate girl on girl session in Desirable Girls. The sexual tension is high. Aletta tries to seduce Misha, who easily succumbs and they vigorously grab at each other's pert and fullsome boobs and tight bums. Without regard for the raucous nearby builders in the street, these hot girls continue their pleasure fest, satisfying each other to climax! The beautiful and passionate dark-skinned Merel waits longingly for the return of gorgeous Asian Analyn. As soon as the door opens, a torrent of pent-up sexual energy is released the instant they make eye contact! Grabbing, pushing and kissing, they rip each other's clothes off in a split second to reveal each other's naked bodies! Against the walls, cabinet and the floor they indulge in long awaited oral, tribbing, 69 and many more positions in this blur of breasts, full bush and electrically charged sex! Merel takes the lead, wasting little time in getting to Mina's breasts. Lots of passionate kissing follows with Merel using her tongue to orgasmic effect. These girls try out every position they could think, including scissoring and 69 and Merel looked like she's in heaven as she sucks on Mina's pussy lips. The sex is both soft and passionate - these really are Desirable Girls! Cast: Misha, Aletta, Merel, Analyn, Merel, Mina