Cum Fly With Me

Cum Fly With Me
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Welcome to Sleazy Air - the airline with a difference. Seats set to upright, fasten your lap belts and prepare for the hottest flight going. Your crew for today are Lala and Suzie who know more about fucking than flying, which helps when the cabin is full of nymphos and perverts.The wheels have hardly left the ground in Cum Fly With Me when latex and stocking clad KazB decides to taste the cock of a fellow traveller. Kaz sits on the guy's dick, riding him cowboy till he's ready to cum. She catches his load in her mouth. The cabin lights dim and the passengers settle back to watch Lesbian Aliens in which Kat and Tracey look like strange insects as they explore a deserted space ship. Naughty nun Red sits at the back of the plane, her fingers in her fanny. Closing her eyes, she fantasises about fucking herself with a big church candle. Hiking up her rubber habit, Red impales her pussy with a large wooden cross. Wandering down the aisle, Suzie sitcks her fingers in Red's damp fanny, quickly bringing her to a climax. All part of the Sleazy Air service. Flipping open his mobile phone, a guy starts to watch a film clip in which heavily tattooed Tallulah and Thorn, in shiny black PVC and fishnets, are stopped by two hairy bikers in an underpass. The bikers fuck the two from behind. Finding a discarded bottle, Tallulah stuffs it first into her pussy, then her arse. A guy adds his dick for that little bit extra. Thorn finds the guy hasn't the staying power, cumming over her bum. She sucks the last few drops of juice from his dick. Handed a second bottle, Tallulah double penetrates herself. Thorn also tries the neck in her hole. The second biker cums over the girls' faces. They kiss as the boys leave. It's meal time and Suzie is working away in the galley. Opening a locker, she finds a cucumber. It's not on the menu, so where can she stow this? Squeezing her tits together under her blue rubber uniform, Suzie starts to feel horny. Stripped, she teases her clit with the long green length, then plunges it into her pussy. A second cucumber comes out of the locker. After giving it a blow job, Suzie turns herself into a DP salad, her dripping juices acting as dressing. Red heads for the toilet as KazB emerges. She notices a bright blue vibrator trapped in her cleavage. Sitting KazB down by the door, Red laps at her pussy. Taking the toy, Red plants it deep between KazB's legs and licks. Passengers step over the pair as they roll on the floor. With a hand full of lube and a shiny silver vibrator, KazB makes for Red's pussy. She groans as the toy buzzes away. Checking the passengers are comfortable, Suzie rolls up her uniform and sits on Jay's lap. The man in the next seat looks over his glasses as she gags on his dick. Swapping places, Suzie's legs dangle over the arms of the seat as Jay crams his cock. Returned to his seat, Suzie rides Jay reverse - pussy first, then up the arse. Struggling out of her rubber gear, she drops on all fours to be fucked. Jay jets his jizz over her back. Disappearing into the toilet, Lala is desperate to get something inside her. The only thing she has is her lipstick vibrator. Jammed against the basin, Lala masturbates. Her mind drifts back to the Sleazy Jet poster girl Goddess Qing as she parts her arse. Led into a dungeon by the Goddess, Lala passes Emily locked in a cage. Qing chains up Lala, teasing her tits with a crop and running her long nails over her flesh. Lala licks and laps while Qing uses her strap-on on the pair. Opening her eyes, Lala is soaking wet and still in the toilet. There's just enough time to climax before the plane lands. Cum Fly With Me is a British film of truly epic proportions. With a running time of over three hours and a cast of ten stunning girls, the use of films within the film is a clever way of breaking out of the confines of the aircraft cabin, adding veracity and new settings. Cum Fly With Me has a bit of something for everyone! Cast: Emily Cartwright, Goddess Qing, Kat Varga, Kaz B,Lala, Red, Suzie Best, Tallulah, Thorn, Tracey Lain, Others