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British Granny Fuck Double Feature 4

British Granny Fuck Double Feature 4
British Granny Fuck Double Feature 4 Freddie
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More filthy British old slapper fucking in this fantastic double film dvd containing British Granny Fuck 7 & 8. Eight horny old bitches get their fill of solid cock - in their mouths, in their wrinkled pussies, and even up their saggy arses - before they are splattered in creamy spunk! The dirty old British slags in Freddies British Granny Fuck 7 really can't get enough good stiff cock from Freddie's nasty guys. Steve talks his way into Leigh's house and gives the randy loud mouthed old blonde tart the fucking of her life and a face full of hot spunk. Steve gives Scott some directions which lead to his car breaking down. Along comes insurance assessor Ros and both guys give the randy old slapper the fucking she deserves. Listen to the old tart squeal as they use her as their spunk bag. Dr Jerri Hallywell is called to attend a collapsed Scott. The mucky old medic may be in her fifties, but that doesn't stop her gorging her old body and big tits on the two guy's hungry hot knobs. Graham has an argument with a local sports club steward's wife, and she calls round to make amends. Graham seems to accept the apology, especially while his fat cock is pumping the dirty bitch's gaping old cunt. He splashes his hot juice on her enormous tits and lets her lap the dregs off his dripping knob. More hot old women all well over 40 getting a good squirt of hot spunk for your pleasure. All well matured and all British! Subtitled Haunted Shaghouse, Freddie's British Granny Fuck 8 is another great addition to this amateur British mature lady series. A newspaper article challenges couples to endure a haunted house where a poltergeist has a perverse streak. G enters the house with sexy 40 plus Wendy. Finding her knickers anchored firmly to her ankles he feels obliged to give the old cunt a thorough knobbing, and he jams up her in every conceivable position before splattering her old titties with his hot creamy spunk. Billy and Mel have a raging row about staying in the house, and only get as far as the conservatory before the spirit strikes and he gives her the hardest of shaggings. Although she is well past 40 and plump, the old cunt can fuck like a slut as she shows how much she loves cock. Billy cums all over her face like a tin of rice pudding. Must be seen to be believed! G then persuades upper class Arabella to visit the house. Telling her he's called Mortimer he puts her at ease before seeing the ghost. She is so petrified, he has no trouble giving the rough fat old cunt one hell of a banging. She may be 50, but the pompous blubbery old bitch loves cock and he gives her big sagging old tits a good hosing with spunk. G is left in the house to pack up when 50 year old estate agent Karen calls at the house. G surprises her in more ways than one! She's really fat and old, so is up for a good rough knobbing by our hero. He shags her flabby old cunt remorselessly until he splatters her face. Four hours of incredible British mature women action! Cast: Wendy, Mel, rabella, Karen, Lolly B, Leigh, Ros, Jerri, Others