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Best Of Extrem 3 (4 Hours)

Best Of Extrem 3 (4 Hours)
Best Of Extrem 3 (4 Hours) Puaka Video
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Take a four hour stroll through the murkier realms of sexual gratification in Best Of Extrem 3. You'll find humiliation, pain, fetish wear, and good old fashioned ass and pussy fucking fucking. In other words, German hardcore at its best! It all begins with a very tasty female dom brandishing an oversized strap-on. She makes her sub suck deeply on it, lubing with her own spit before its buried deep in her pussy. A glamorous MILF is ass-fucked all over the sofa by her rich husband and gets a mouthful of salty spunk as a thank you. Back in the dungeon, another MILF has her hands tied behind her back. Her ass is turned crimson as she is slapped with a riding crop. She gags as a thick cock is shoved down her throat whilst hot wax is dripped onto her already sore butt. She then feels the pain of clothes pegs being attached to her small tits. A pretty blonde services her man on a discarded mattress, jerking his dick and giving him the best tit wank ever before she spreads her shapely thighs and lets him fuck her tight pussy. Tied spread-eagle to the bed post and blindfolded, a slim babe is teased and edged by her lover. He fingers her pussy before tongue-fucking the wet slit. He tickles her with a pink dildo before sliding his own meaty weapon in and only releases her from the ties that bind to fill her face with his man-muck. This is nasty sex with every hole getting speared - the kind of movie that will leave you hungry for more!