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Ashes To Ashes

Ashes To Ashes
Ashes To Ashes Viv Thomas
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Lust, intrigue and lashings of kinky sex in Ashes To Ashes as Veronika Lake discloses her mind-blowing sexual exploits to an infatuated Private Dick! Veronika fucks her way through three-ways, solos and hot group action in this stunning hardcore Playboy TV dvd! Following her to a warehouse, Detective Ash secretly takes photos of Veronica as she diddles her cunt with a vibe. Unaware she's being watched, fingers delve deep inside her hole as vibes pulsate through her clit. When Ash corners her in a garage, he soon has his hands all over her tight body, ploughing her pussy hard in the front seat of his car before taking her to his apartment where they can both satisfy their raging lusts! Returning to his office, he begins investigating Veronika's sordid life. In a restaurant, Veronika and her lover play with food as a kinky precursor to a scorching screw. Lake smothers her lover's naked body with jelly, before licking it off and tending to his raging hard-on. Reaching over to the fridge he pours cream over her shapely breasts, then licks it off and attacks her tight hole with a banana. Having gorged on his cock, her pussy gets juiced before her lover cums in a glass and Veronika swallows it down! Working as a maid, Veronica then gets caught in a lusty love triangle when a blonde and her husband get kinky in the hallway. Both wife and servant trade licks on the masters' prick before he seduces them both in a hot three-way. Lake tackles the wife's prim beaver before impaling herself on her husband's todger in a wild fuck which sees both sluts pull him to a very sticky finish! Ash tracks Veronika to a party hosted by a group of wealthy men. With a bevy of beauties eager to please, there's plenty of pussy filling, cock munching, beaver licking action here as the men fuck the slutty whores before spurting their wads across Veronika's face. In the final scene, chained to a railing, the cop finally gets his woman. After some frenetic fucking, including a deep-doggy-dicking, she jerks his cock till he shoots across her boobs! Hot sex, stunning performers and an innovative plot make Ashes To Ashes a first-rate bonk-a-thon! Cast: Veronika Lake, Sandra Russo, Mili Jay, Rita Neri, George Uhl, Robert Rosenberg, Others